Program Manager: Mental Health

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Program Manager: Mental Health

Principal Responsibilities:

ACS seeks an experienced program manager to oversee and organize the three mental health programs it offers to Afghan asylees and community members. These programs involve weekly event coordination consisting of mental health education/therapy and community-based activities in order to build strong and trustful relationships and support incoming refugees as they make the transition into Minnesota. This position works closely with the Advocacy Director and the team leads for each respective program.
It is beneficial for the program manager to communicate Dari and/or Pashto, as well as English so as to effectively maintain relationships with community and stakeholders. The project manager develops strategy and coordinates programming to ensure the teams have a strong workflow. They are someone mental health team members can rely upon for support in their work. This is a hands-on, detailed, and time-bound position.

Wage: $62,000 annually

Apply for this Role:

Submit your cover letter and resume to:

Essential Functions:

  • Participate in weekly project case conferences. 
  • Manage the three mental health programs: women, men, youth
  • Maintain consistent communication and have a strong understanding of programming through the Center for Victims of Torture (CVT)
  • Be well-informed and stay up-to-date on grant information and manage budget for programming
  • Support teams with team leads through check-ins to ensure efficacy and accountability
  • Keeping records of meetings, inventory, program needs, constructive feedback, etc.
  • Work with Community Advocates, Advocacy Director, CVT, and Women’s Mental Health team in developing programming and provide ideas based on feedback received from clients. 
  • Provide leadership to mental health team leads to strategize for participation and overall goals of the program
  • They will participate in all staff development training.
  • Plan and lead consistent mental health team meetings and general team meetings
  • Take part in administrative and organizational strategy meetings
  • Assist in providing connections to resources in the community.
  • Maintaining communication with stakeholders and wider community to discuss programs status and goals
  • Working with communications coordinator to ensure community engagement and awareness of programming
  • Support team leads with connecting refugee families with appropriate social groups, activities and programs that will help with ongoing support after programming is completed including recreation opportunities, mentor programs, community education classes, etc.
  • Complete program paperwork as needed.
  • Attend all staff meetings and trainings. 
  • The ability to follow HIPPA legal requirements.


  • Be a human who cares and believes in equality and empowerment for all
  • Experience managing a team for a program
  • Ability to receive and provide constructive criticism and feedback
  • Demonstrates proficient computer skills and familiarity of Microsoft Office software applications including Outlook, Word, Excel and perhaps Access
  • Quick learner 
  • Demonstrates familiarity and proficiency with internet tools and techniques for searching, extracting, and processing information
  • Proficient human relations, planning, organizing and communication skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines by effectively organizing and prioritizing work assignments while managing frequent interruptions
  • Works effectively on their own as well as a member of a team, offering assistance and support to colleagues and contributing to a positive team spirit
  • Experience navigating community resources.
  • Strong problem-solving, analytical, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with various groups to achieve a desired end result.
  • Ability to effectively problem solve utilizing all resources available.
  • Experience working with diverse populations
  • Demonstrates ethical behavior and maintains clear and healthy boundaries with youth and/or families while performing all aspects of their designated program.
  • Ability to travel locally to attend meetings and support clients.

About Us:

The Afghan Cultural Society of MN started out of a need in 2018 as a volunteer organization, when we realized there was a need to build community and preserve the Afghan culture, which would bridge the gap between Afghanistan and Afghans in MN. 

Our Mission at Afghan Cultural Society of MN is to advocate for and empower our communities through a range of services, including assisting them in improving their mental and social health, promoting economic self-sufficiency, and creating a space for cultural well-being. 

Afghan Cultural Societies unique strength is its ability to reach, communicate with, and empower newly arriving refugees and established immigrant communities. ACS multi-lingual and multi-ethnic staff deploy into the ethnic communities they both live in and serve.Today we are a 501(c)3 organization with multiple partners in Minnesota and outside Minnesota.