Our Mission at Afghan Cultural Society of MN is to advocate for and empower our communities through a range of services, including assisting them in improving their mental and social health, promoting economic self-sufficiency, and creating a space for cultural well-being.

Afghan Cultural Societies unique strength is its ability to reach, communicate with, and empower newly arriving refugees and established immigrant communities. ACS multi-lingual and multi-ethnic staff deploy into the ethnic communities they both live in and serve.


Afghan Cultural society started out of a need in 2018 as a volunteer organization, when we realized there was  a need to build community and preserve the Afghan culture, which would bridge the gap between Afghanistan, Afghans in MN, and the rest of the twin cities community. The aim of the organization is:

  • To preserve our cultural heritage and bridge the gap between Afghanistan and the Afghans living in the Twin Cities
  • To pass along our cultural heritage from one generation to the next and share it through various mediums such as events, lectures, presentations, and classes
  • Promote art and cultural exhibitions
  • Provide educational services and research assistance to students
  • Assist with Interpretation and Translation services within the community
  • Cultural Events
  • Employment Services /Workshops
  • Advocacy Referral Center for Community Needs

Current Focus:

The fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban in August 2021 created an additional refugee crisis for the Afghan people, as the last 40 years of war in Afghanistan have displaced millions of Afghans. UNHCR reports that more than 550,000 Afghans have been displaced since January 2021 due to Taliban advances. This number has skyrocketed since the departure of the US and the return of power to the Taliban. Thousands of Afghans have arrived in the United States since the hurried evacuation of Afghans began in mid-August. This in turn created the need for us to focus our efforts on supporting our arriving community.

Our focus on art, culture, and education has been set aside at the moment and the need to support our community has become the priority. As the only Afghan-focused registered non-profit in Minnesota, we have been reached out to by several different organizations to support organizing efforts, including the State of MN and Hennepin County. At the moment, we are providing support to our Afghan community and other community partners. As more refugees arrive in Minnesota we anticipate an increase in our support.